Tarot Reading – April Spread for Terry van Schoor

tarot reading april spread

This is a spread for myself for April..

I asked how will my work improve ?..and should I go away for Easter?

I’m sharing it so everyone can see how I do my tarot readings..

the top and bottom left represent the first ten days..the emperor reminds me I’m very capable and good at what I do and being self employed I’ve mastery over my material life..the emperor runs his empire..it reminds me to stay confident..the wheel of fortune reminds me there will be a gradual shift into my ‘light half of my finances’ this card tho its showing up now actually turns at its own divine timing so I just need to be patient and know that hard work will pay off..

the middle of April is the middle cards and easter and to answer my question the magician is a definite ‘yes’ card..and the 3 cups..which I call ‘hearts’cos its hearts in the deck of playing cards..so 3 of hearts is a card of celebration with family..enjoying good times..as well as reminding me I have a very strong family structure..it is a trinity,a triangle.

the last 10 days of April shows me needing to make a certain decision with 7 swords,the decision is represented by the two swords in the ground;thereafter I may have those other swords and obstacles to sort out as I go along my way,but being a bright yellow card I need to stay confident that I’m going in the right direction! I need to gather my spiritual energy in quiet times alone with the priestess card and page of cups/hearts reminds me to accept all invitations..and as I type this its just a few minutes after I RSVP’D to an invite!

Can Psychic and Tarot Readings Predict The Future?

Terry on Psychic and Tarot readings…

On Psychic and Tarot readings, I firmly believe that it is unethical to state anything as a fact.

Psychic and Tarot Readings

Even-though I have more than 24 years experience and success as a psychic and tarot card reader I know I’m not God and have no right to tell anyone anything.

However you can be quite sure of the possible outcome…because readings can and do change as a persons thoughts change.

The moment a reading is completed the person thinks about it and immediately the thoughts change the astral level.

This is the reason that I offer a free 3-card update on any questions my client might have after their reading, should they phone in.

Terry specialises on WhatsApp readings and can be contacted on +27 (0)76 854 2336 for such.

How Do I Get My Own Tarot Deck!

There are many different Tarot decks!

I firmly believe in not buying tarot card decks, that you are to use the one you were given. You cannot buy one just as you cannot buy your gift to use them,tarot deck

So how do you get your Tarot deck?

You have to ask the universe for one and quite miraculously one will appear in your life.

Being a professional reader my cards start to fall apart every few years and just at the right time I’m given a new deck.

In 24 years I’ve never bought a deck!

A deck chooses you so its, not you that chooses a deck.

Once you have been given a deck you need to keep it with you for as long as it takes to become ‘active’.

You may find some decks need to be with you quite a while before the answers jump out at you loud and clear.

By doing your own spread, like a brief 3-card spread each week over a year, and writing down what comes to you with a date, you can eventually understand how you felt at that time and see what practically manifested to you.

You may want to purchase a book just to get a general overview of the historical meaning of each card.

Personally I learned each card from experiencing it.

For a few years I learned this way until my intuition developed to a point I was confident to charge for an accurate reading.

Care for your Tarot deck with a cloth of natural fibre, as if it were a child you keep c;lose constantly!

Terry focus on WhatsApp readings and can be contacted on +27 (0)76 854 2336 for such. As and added bonus Terry will do a free 3 card clarification update on your reading when you phone in afterwards.

What Does The Tower Card Mean?

Find Out Why People Are Scared of the Tower Card!

It is a scary looking card and its the one card in the deck that your thoughts cannot control.

tower card

The tower tarot card outcome is a caution to expect the unexpected.  Some things in life you have no control over as they happen externally and not on your astral level e.g. getting news that may be shocking.

I usually do a deeper spread going into your Tower card to see how this news impacts you.

For example I”ll check that your loved one’s are okay for example.

Generally the tarot reader tunes into the person they are reading for whether it is in person or over the phone.

I prefer to do WhatsApp readings where I’ve never met the querant, it just takes me a little longer to tune in so I prefer having a picture of the person to help.

I don’t believe a computer can connect to a persons soul.

Terry only reads on WhatsApp or in person and can be contacted on (+27) 076 854 2336. As and added bonus Terry will do a free 3 card clarification update on your reading when you phone in afterwards.


Tarot Card Reading, How Far Ahead?

How Far Ahead Should You Do A Tarot Card Reading?

I don’t believe in going further than a year, you create your own reality by your thoughts. Nothing is set in stone so if your reading does not look desirable you only have to change your thoughts to change your reality

tarot card reading

A tarot card reader is often called a psychic and tarot card decks are often a gift to a specific reader. However some readers have psychic intuitions only relating to the querent while some have very broad and general intuitions.

I spend about an hour on each reading at R500-00 per reading.

Tarot cards can be meditated upon so that the meaning becomes clear intuitively. I think there is enough meaning in each card that it is not necessary to use reversed cards.

A reading usually has enough information that can be perceived negative or positive as a whole.

Terry focus on WhatsApp readings and can be contacted on +27 (0)76 854 2336 for such. As and added bonus Terry will do a free 3 card clarification update on your reading when you phone in afterwards.