Can Psychic and Tarot Readings Predict The Future?

Terry on Psychic and Tarot readings…

On Psychic and Tarot readings, I firmly believe that it is unethical to state anything as a fact.

Psychic and Tarot Readings

Even-though I have more than 24 years experience and success as a psychic and tarot card reader I know I’m not God and have no right to tell anyone anything.

However you can be quite sure of the possible outcome…because readings can and do change as a persons thoughts change.

The moment a reading is completed the person thinks about it and immediately the thoughts change the astral level.

This is the reason that I offer a free 3-card update on any questions my client might have after their reading, should they phone in.

Terry specialises on WhatsApp readings and can be contacted on +27 (0)76 854 2336 for such.

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