How Do I Get My Own Tarot Deck!

There are many different Tarot decks!

I firmly believe in not buying tarot card decks, that you are to use the one you were given. You cannot buy one just as you cannot buy your gift to use them,tarot deck

So how do you get your Tarot deck?

You have to ask the universe for one and quite miraculously one will appear in your life.

Being a professional reader my cards start to fall apart every few years and just at the right time I’m given a new deck.

In 24 years I’ve never bought a deck!

A deck chooses you so its, not you that chooses a deck.

Once you have been given a deck you need to keep it with you for as long as it takes to become ‘active’.

You may find some decks need to be with you quite a while before the answers jump out at you loud and clear.

By doing your own spread, like a brief 3-card spread each week over a year, and writing down what comes to you with a date, you can eventually understand how you felt at that time and see what practically manifested to you.

You may want to purchase a book just to get a general overview of the historical meaning of each card.

Personally I learned each card from experiencing it.

For a few years I learned this way until my intuition developed to a point I was confident to charge for an accurate reading.

Care for your Tarot deck with a cloth of natural fibre, as if it were a child you keep c;lose constantly!

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