Tarot Card Reading, How Far Ahead?

How Far Ahead Should You Do A Tarot Card Reading?

I don’t believe in going further than a year, you create your own reality by your thoughts. Nothing is set in stone so if your reading does not look desirable you only have to change your thoughts to change your reality

tarot card reading

A tarot card reader is often called a psychic and tarot card decks are often a gift to a specific reader. However some readers have psychic intuitions only relating to the querent while some have very broad and general intuitions.

I spend about an hour on each reading at R500-00 per reading.

Tarot cards can be meditated upon so that the meaning becomes clear intuitively. I think there is enough meaning in each card that it is not necessary to use reversed cards.

A reading usually has enough information that can be perceived negative or positive as a whole.

Terry focusĀ on WhatsApp readings and can be contacted on +27 (0)76 854 2336 for such. As and added bonus Terry will do a free 3 card clarification update on your reading when you phone in afterwards.

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    1. Hi Michelle

      Thank you for your enquiry Terry only works on WhasApp can you please send her a message on 076 854 2336 she will give you instructions from there.

      Peace be the journey!

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