What Does The Tower Card Mean?

Find Out Why People Are Scared of the Tower Card!

It is a scary looking card and its the one card in the deck that your thoughts cannot control.

tower card

The tower tarot card outcome is a caution to expect the unexpected.  Some things in life you have no control over as they happen externally and not on your astral level e.g. getting news that may be shocking.

I usually do a deeper spread going into your Tower card to see how this news impacts you.

For example I”ll check that your loved one’s are okay for example.

Generally the tarot reader tunes into the person they are reading for whether it is in person or over the phone.

I prefer to do WhatsApp readings where I’ve never met the querant, it just takes me a little longer to tune in so I prefer having a picture of the person to help.

I don’t believe a computer can connect to a persons soul.

Terry only reads on WhatsApp or in person and can be contacted on (+27) 076 854 2336. As and added bonus Terry will do a free 3 card clarification update on your reading when you phone in afterwards.


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