What is a tarot card?

A Tarot Card Has Pictures That Tell A Story!

There are major arcana (soul cards) and minor arcana (practical cards). Your guide will interpret the meaning of each tarot cards pictures and meanings.

Tarot is a means to get a ‘picture’ of your life at present to clarify where you currently are and what to be aware of.

By looking at the pictures the story absorbs into your subconscious and after a few nights sleep you gain clarity of where you are in your journey of life.

tarot card

You will also get clarity on what practical steps to consider and take action on.

Terry focusĀ on WhatsApp readings and can be contacted on +27 (0)76 854 2336 for such. As and added bonus Terry will do a free 3 card clarification update on your reading when you phone in afterwards.

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